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What’s Next for Exempt Wells in Whatcom County?

Many Whatcom County landowners are wondering “what’s next” in wake of the Hirst ruling on permit-exempt wells. Since the State Supreme Court’s October 2016 decision, landowners have faced uncertainty in their ability to rely on an exempt well to develop … Read More

The Washington State Supreme Court Issues New Ruling on Water Law – How It Affects Marijuana Businesses

Something that I think that most marijuana businesses can attest to, is that finding a location for a licensed marijuana grow facility can be very difficult in Washington State.  One of the issues in finding a location is making sure … Read More

Ecology Adopts New Clean Air Rule Limiting Carbon Emissions

The Department of Ecology has adopted a new clean air rule establishing greenhouse gas emission standards. The rule applies to businesses that emit more than 100,000 metric tons of carbon pollution per year. Under the new rule, these businesses will … Read More

Whatcom County to Hold Public Hearing on Permanent Marijuana Regulations

On Tuesday Evening, March 31, the Whatcom County Council will be holding a public hearing on a set of proposed permanent recreational marijuana regulations.

The County currently has an interim ordinance in place, which restricts where recreational marijuana businesses may … Read More

Mark Lee’s South Fork Law Interview on Business and Trademark Issues


Listen to interview here.



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Heather Wolf is interviewed on South Fork Law Radio Show re marijuana legalization


Listen to radio broadcast below.




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