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How Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana Industry Differs from that of Washington State

The State of Oregon has commenced the operation of its recreational marijuana market. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission) recently approved eight recreational marijuana producer licenses – the first in the state. Oregon’s regulatory system differs from that of Washington … Read More

Oregon Removes Residency Requirement for Marijuana Licensees, Will Washington Follow Suit?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently signed HB4014, which removed the two year residency requirement for marijuana licensees. Washington residents as well as other out of state residents will be able to fully participate in Oregon’s legal marijuana market. The … Read More

Oregon Hedges on Residency Requirement for Marijuana Licensees

Last Week, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, issued its Temporary Recreational Marijuana Rules (the “Rules”). As discussed in my prior post, the Rules require that individual license applicants meet Oregon residency requirements. The owners of the majority of any … Read More

Oregon’s Draft Marijuana Rules – Will Out-of-State Residents Be Able to Operate Marijuana Businesses?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has released its draft recreational marijuana rules, which can be found here. Many Washington marijuana business owners and investors are waiting to see if they will be able to participate in Oregon’s new recreational … Read More

Will Washington State Residents Be Able to Participate in Oregon’s Legal Marijuana Market?

Often, I get asked by my Washington State recreational marijuana clients whether they will be able to own or invest in legal marijuana businesses in Oregon. Oregon’s Measure 91, which created the state’s legal recreational marijuana market did not include … Read More

Oregon Liquor Control Commission Submits Marijuana Policy Recommendations

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC”) has just set forth its policy recommendations regarding the State’s implementation of its recreational marijuana program. The recommendations can be found here. These recommendations include technical fixes to allow the OLCC to better … Read More