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Vested Rights and Marijuana Businesses in Washington State

On December 29, the Washington State Supreme Court issued its ruling in Snohomish County, et. al. v. Pollution Control Hearings Board, et al., holding that the vested rights doctrine does not apply to storm water control ordinances. This ruling … Read More

Whatcom County Council Introduces Ordinance Making Interim Amendments to Comprehensive Plan Following Hirst Ruling

At its November 22 meeting, the Whatcom County Council introduced a draft ordinance making interim amendments to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan and Whatcom County Code. The proposed interim amendments are the County’s response to the Washington State Supreme Court’s … Read More

Building Permits and Exempt Wells in Whatcom County: What Rural Landowners Should Know

Since the Whatcom County v. Hirst decision came down in October, many rural landowners have questions regarding their ability to develop land in Whatcom County using an exempt well. Under Hirst, which is discussed in our earlier blog post … Read More

The Washington State Supreme Court Issues New Ruling on Water Law – How It Affects Marijuana Businesses

Something that I think that most marijuana businesses can attest to, is that finding a location for a licensed marijuana grow facility can be very difficult in Washington State.  One of the issues in finding a location is making sure … Read More

King County Lifts Marijuana Moratorium

Earlier this week the Metropolitan King County Council lifted its moratorium on legal marijuana businesses. Marijuana businesses, however, will be strictly limited to certain locations in unincorporated King County. Licensed marijuana production and processing facilities will only be able to … Read More

Many Permitting Requirements for Marijuana Businesses – What Washington State Licensees Need to Know

As many marijuana business owners have come to understand, in addition to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (the “Board”), there are a number of other state and local agencies that must approve marijuana facilities. I have written extensivelyRead More