Want To Process Marijuana Edibles in Washington State? You’ll Need a WSDA License for That

Starting April 1, 2018, licensed marijuana processors that make Marijuana Infused Edible (“MIE”) products will be regulated by both the Washington State Department of Agriculture (“WSDA”) and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (“LCB”). All marijuana processors that make MIE products must obtain a WSDA MIE Processor license endorsement by April 30, 2018.

Licensed marijuana processors can apply online for their MIE endorsement starting March 29. You must have a marijuana processor license before applying for the MIE endorsement, which costs $895 per year. Additionally, the MIE products may only be produced at a single licensed facility.

WSDA has already been inspecting MIE facilities under contract with the LCB. The difference now being that WSDA will take over direct regulatory authority. Commencing April 1, the WSDA will be able to carry out enforcement and recalls when necessary and/or increase the number of inspections.

For existing marijuana processor licensees, WSDA will not require an inspection or additional information for this initial endorsement application. Current MIE processors will not be required to re-submit food safety information. WSDA, however, will inspect your facility within the first 12 months of endorsement. If MIE ownership, facility location or products changes are planned during the licensing period, both WSDA and WSLCB must be notified of the proposed changes.

There are some important points for all marijuana licensees to understand:

  • You cannot add MIE products under a Food Processor license;
  • You cannot process MIE products at a facility that processes non-marijuana food products; and
  • You cannot process non-marijuana food products at a facility that produces MIE products.

For more information on the upcoming MIE license requirements, go to the WSDA’s Marijuana Infused Edibles Processors website. Production of MIEs appears to be an increasingly popular avenue for marijuana businesses. Stay tuned to this blog for updates in regard to both WSDA and LCB processor rules and regulations.

For more information on the regulation of marijuana businesses in Washington State, please contact Heather Wolf.