Turning Green to Gold: Tips on Starting a New Legal Marijuana Business (3rd Edition, June 2016)



Heather is excited to announce the publication of the third edition of her ebook. Whether you are looking to enter the legal marijuana market as an owner or an investor, or whether you are simply wanting to understanding how recreational marijuana businesses operate, this book will be of interest to you.

Topics covered include:

  • licensing of marijuana businesses
  • financing of marijuana businesses
  • choosing a location for a marijuana business
  • taxation of marijuana businesses
  • banking and lending options
  • federal law enforcement issues
  • changes to medical marijuana law
  • differences between Washington and Oregon law

Heather documents both the challenges encountered by marijuana entrepreneurs as well as their ability to succeed.*


*Disclaimer – The information presented in this book is not meant to be legal advice nor a substitute for seeking legal advice.  Anyone seeking to enter the legal recreational marijuana business world needs to seek independent legal advice as to the laws and regulations with which they will need to comply.

Although marijuana business owners face a number of challenges in creating a successful and profitable business, opportunities abound in this exciting new world of marijuana legalization.